Friday, May 30, 2014

Best Android Apps for Video Streaming

The Android App Market is slowly but surely frustrating to get closer to the “App market” competition and struggle. People have ongoing to buy Google Android phones at a considerable high range and as the sales of Apple iPhone decreases; Android Apps are departing to tremendously well-liked.
Video streaming is one of internet’s tool which is going to fetch the next gesticulate of revolution. Large screen, high resolution screens and fast processors in Android phones, will create a high demand of Android video streaming apps in the approaching future.

The subsequent list of Top Free Video Streaming Android Apps is:
Giant Bomb Beta

Way in to most up-to-date video game reviews , info, videos and more from GiantBomb, which has a praiseworthy database of gaming news, commentary, reviews, and videos.


This is the app, you have to download, If you have been thinking about memory space in your phone. Create a free account. Install the Free TScinema app and upload your videos by the use of that Free account. Videos would not be stored in your phone memory.


yxflash is a beyond doubt versatile video streaming application. You can observe that yxflash is the first and only Android video player that can play Mpeg1/2/4, Flash, DivX, Xvid, WMV and iPod format videos and you can have fun as well. It has in recent times also further “Send IMEI Button”.

Mother TED

All user of Android, love TED, don’t we? Put in and Install Mother TED in your phone and gaze at the newest and hottest TED videos based on Themes, Talks and Tags as well. Now, you can listen in to inspirational TED discussions even from your Android phone intended for free.